Chilli Cream Pasta

A storm is on the way!! We have been spoiled with crisp frosts and beautiful days the last wee while so I had forgotten how truly horrible winter down here can be, cue the rain wind and endless mud.

Last night we were in need of a quick, easy winter warmer which turned out to be quite well received on Instagram I decided to try and recreate some flavours from a cannelloni I used to get at a restaurant in town – it was deceptively easy, though I’m sure their method is far more complex than mine! (I hope).

When I say easy of course I am omitting the truly awful incident that made me almost pick up the oven and throw it through the window last night. When I get home from work I like to prep dinner – have everything chopped – ingredients out and ready to go when Jo gets home so I did this last night – had all my chicken breast cubed nicely, onions sliced and sitting on the bench. Once I was finished I went around the house closing blinds and curtains, lastly the kitchen I wound it down and on its way down it collected a pot plant I had on the window sill tipping the plant and all its soil directly into the bowl full of chicken below, what a fucking nightmare. Of course I had to send a quick snap video to the girls so at least someone could get a laugh out of it because I sure as fuck wasn’t. But Jo had to detour to the supermarket on the way home and I had to pour a glass of red.

By the way this is not health food, its probably not diet friendly so if you accidental rekindle a love for pasta I cant be blamed.

Here’s the recipe!

2 x Chicken Breasts (Cubed)

1 x Medium Red Onion (Sliced)

1 Can Cocount Cream (Or Milk)

1/2 Cup Sweet Chilli Sauce (more if you like a bit more spice)

1/4 Pumpkin (Cubed & Pre-Roasted)


Handful grated Cheese (Parmesan is good but whatever you have in the fridge)

Man Grind (From Pepper&Me, not a weird euphemism) or Salt will do

Precooked Pasta (I use penne…but it all tastes the same) – Cooked to about 95% done make sure it still has a bit of bite.


Whisk Coconut cream & sweet chilli together and add to a pan, on maybe around medium heat, add in chicken and onions (I don’t precook the chicken because then it would be a dry mess) add seasoning.

Keep on heat simmering for around 20 mins (I have no idea that was a guess) until the chicken is cooked and the cream is reduced.

Add the cooked and drained pasta and mix, keep it cooking until it reduces right down to a nice consistency (maybe another 5 mins) You all know what pasta sauce should look like… Chicken should be cooked by now (maybe check) add the handful of cheese and mix it all together. 

Add the Pumpkin and gently stir it in so it doesn’t go mushy.

Chuck it in some bowls add a bit more pepper and Man Grind.



Too easy! – That amount feeds both Jo & I (man sized serving for him) and then there is enough for my lunch the next day. If you enjoy carbs like I do you can also chuck on a garlic bread.

In writing this I became very confused on how to spell chilli – my spell check is telling me its incorrect but one ‘L’ looks wrong so I’m going with two!

Let me know in the comments if you are going to give it a go! What is your favourite simple winter warmer?






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