My Easy Corn Fritters

Good morning friends!

We are off on our adventure shortly so currently meals in our house are whatever I can throw together from our fridge to try and use up fresh produce… Here is my recipe for my thrown together corn fritters!



Can of Corn Kernels

Streaky Bacon (chopped) – However much you like…I like lots!

1 Cup Self Raising Flour

1/2 Cup Milk (plus a little extra if required)

1 x Free Range Egg

1 x Large Chopped Shallot

1 Handful of Grated Cheese

Seasoning (I use Man Grind)


Mix together all ingredients, if you need a little extra milk or flour add it in – I like ours to be about the consistency of a thick pancake batter. 

Spoon into a fry pan on medium heat with a little Rice Bran oil and fry until cooked through.


How simple is that? You can add in whatever you have in the fridge! the basic batter works well with anything (I also like variations using grated potato and spinach!)



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