A little about me…


Hello I’m Hayley I’m 31 years old and a Southlander born and bred. On February 17th I married husband Jo out at his parents farm. I am a Rural Investment administrator by day, and obsessive instagrammer and social media addict (not by night I’m constantly attached to my phone). Jo is an Electrician, sports and Home & Away enthusiast. We live in Winton, Southland with our over enthusiastic Springer Spaniel Ruby (Roo) and our incredibly under enthusiastic (is that a thing?) cat Bambi. Jo is an experienced traveller and I am very much a novice, currently planning our second adventure for later this year.

We are currently renovating and redecorating our home and plotting a trip (calling it a honeymoon to justify the spend) to the UK & Ireland at the end of July.

this is a space for me to share my likes – loves – shares and favourites with you all!

I really appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts and ideas, it is important to mention these are just that – my thoughts, my opinions and my ideas.