Go 2 Raw Milk

While browsing Facebook last weekend I came across Go 2 Raw Milk - A Southland farm supplying raw milk to Southlanders, and maybe Queenstown in the future. As you guys know I work in the Dairy industry, raw farm fresh milk is a favourite in my cup of tea but unless you have direct access the vat it isn't always that easy to get your hands on. I thought I would share with you guys why I like raw milk, how you can get some and a bit about the cows who supply Go 2 Raw Milk.

Making Changes

With our honeymoon around the corner, about three weeks ago I decided to get myself into shape health-wise. Sorry to disappoint but I won’t be sharing any magical weigh in numbers (there aren’t any) or posting photos of myself in my jocks as evidence. Mainly because yuck but also because I am trying to focus on how I feel health-wise rather than look-wise.