I think that from the content of this blog that if you didn't already know you will realise quite quickly that Jo and I are expecting our first child. Surprise! I am really undecided about what I'm OK and not OK with sharing on Social Media at this point - its a funny thing to have to … Continue reading Surprise!


My Easy Corn Fritters

Good morning friends! We are off on our adventure shortly so currently meals in our house are whatever I can throw together from our fridge to try and use up fresh produce... Here is my recipe for my thrown together corn fritters! Ingredients Can of Corn Kernels Streaky Bacon (chopped) - However much you like...I … Continue reading My Easy Corn Fritters

Go 2 Raw Milk

While browsing Facebook last weekend I came across Go 2 Raw Milk - A Southland farm supplying raw milk to Southlanders, and maybe Queenstown in the future. As you guys know I work in the Dairy industry, raw farm fresh milk is a favourite in my cup of tea but unless you have direct access the vat it isn't always that easy to get your hands on. I thought I would share with you guys why I like raw milk, how you can get some and a bit about the cows who supply Go 2 Raw Milk.

Making Changes

With our honeymoon around the corner, about three weeks ago I decided to get myself into shape health-wise. Sorry to disappoint but I won’t be sharing any magical weigh in numbers (there aren’t any) or posting photos of myself in my jocks as evidence. Mainly because yuck but also because I am trying to focus on how I feel health-wise rather than look-wise.